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Web design is a part of making a website which consists of design of web pages using colour, graphics, animation, photographs and fonts. SEO is a part of making a website more visible and noticed on the internet.


Sepy Design! offers elegant and sophisticated website designs that are at the same time functional, user friendly and easy to navigate. Our websites are designed to make you money and to perform for your business or personal needs.

We design and market websites that exceeds your business or personal needs and expectations.



First we start by setting up an initial one on one interview with our clients to interact and ask question, to find out the clients requirements, preferences, limitations and budget then we give our recommendations along with a Quotation and the approximate time frame that the work will be complete. After signing a contract our developers will get to work and as a unique process developed by Sharam Shamloo the founder of the company, the assigned Web Designer will contact the client each step of the way to tweak and approve the work that has been done so far.
To us a website is a process of evolution and we work with our clients and  make the necessary changes to the clients satisfaction. If requested our developers will research for the necessary content for your website and will not be harassing you for content.

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Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing is what we do best, the higher the ranking of your website the more customers and visitors you attract.

As a part of our SEO & SEM our experts will have your website set up and introduced to 600+ Search Engines including the Major Search Engines(Google, Yahoo, Msn).

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